The maiden voyage on my Brompton ML6-X left a great first impression.  Zipping down Auburn’s east hill in to the valley was stable at speed.  The Brompton Kevlar tires provided great traction on the wet road, and the smooth braking took minimal effort squeezing the improved 2013 brake levers.  The Brooks B-17 Special saddle was  surprisingly  comfortable,  and all six gears felt evenly spaced.

It was fun giving folding demos to the curious gentleman at Auburn’s post office and to my friend Sonia – owner of Zola’s Cafe’.  With every fold and unfold of this engineering marvel,  I am a little quicker with less wasted movement.

The Brompton

The bike was able to accelerate quickly once I adjusted the saddle.  Handling felt solid with the highly maneuverable short wheelbase on 16 inch wheels.

The climb back up the east hill on 10% grade was easy enough with the 12% reduced 6-speed gearing.  2nd gear felt good on the climb.  1st gear would be low enough to carry a heavy load.

The bike is striking in British Racing Green.  All the welds on the steel mainframe, titanium fork and rear triangle are smooth and expertly done.  And, the Brooks saddle with copper rivets and rails sets the bike off beautifully.

The Brompton has the smallest fold of all the folders, it holds itself together securely, and it’s easy enough to keep in the car’s trunk on road trips with room still for luggage.



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