It could not have been a finer day to get a flat. Turning left off a Boeing access road to the Interurban Trail southbound, I was blinded by the setting sun. Scanning for bike traffic to merge smoothly, I didn’t see the new pot hole. I managed to hit it nicely with the rear wheel creating an instant pinch flat.

Having forgotten my saddle bag at the house with my spare tube, it was a good I bought another tube at Peterson Bicycle which was today’s turn around point. Flats are just part of riding. After a quick fix, I was back in business enjoying a stunning day with full sun, only high altitude cirrus clouds, and occasional glimpses of our beautiful Mt Rainier.

Seeing cyclists of all ages all along my route was great. North from Auburn up the Interurban there were mostly families – parents sharing the joy of cycling with their kids. Along Lake Washington Blvd through Renton heading up to Newcastle, there were local racers, commuters, and the rest of us all getting some training in. I suspect many were doing the popular Mercer Island loop with the southern portion of Lake Washington.

Ty riding with Matt June 3 2012

Although I’m usually the initiator, I find it heartwarming to get a wave back or even just a nod from oncoming cyclists. Making a connection with others in the community is important. We can all be goodwill ambassadors. When passing pedestrians, I call out “On Your Left” just loud enough and close enough so not to startle them and give them time to move to the right. I usually follow that up with a “Thank you.” I even acknowledge motorists who give me the right of way. It’s an important part of sharing the road, and I’m just friendly by nature. Some of my neighbors take afternoon strolls. Two in particular are used to seeing my smiling face and wave back as I wave and say hello. One is an older Middle Eastern gentleman sporting a turban, and the other is a woman possibly from Ukraine. We don’t speak the same language, but we made a connection. We all have something in common whether it be the love of cycling or the love of sharing a beautiful day.

Written on September 11th, 2015 , Share the Ride

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