With the day’s weather forecast, I couldn’t resist a ride.  It was my first time back on the bike since the ankle sprain at De Ronde Van Oeste Portlandia.  I was also excited about trying out this new helmet cam.  I reset my bike computer, pushed the camera’s on button, and off I went.

Descending down to the Green River was still a bit brisk at 40 degrees.  Carving the corners at speed has always been exciting.  Now for the first time, I was hoping to have it on film.  Riding the bike smoothly and moving my head slowly, I remained conscious that I had a camera zip tied to my helmet.

It wasn’t my intent to go for a long ride.  I thought I’d just test out the ankle.  However, I did leave early enough to meet up with some friends by Coulon Park in Renton if I felt good.

Riding in the sunshine seemed to recharge me.  The colors of nature were vibrant.   The trees lining the river were sprouting leaves of bright green that had been absent all winter.   It was as if I was seeing with new eyes.   As the temperature rose, my ankle continued to feel better.  I had reached my rhythm and the body was flowing nicely much like the Green River off to my left.   The legs felt good, my breathing was relaxed, and I felt I could ride like that all day.  Taking in all the fresh air and feeling life flowing through my veins, gave me that great to be alive feeling.

Time passed quickly on the 15 mile trip to Renton.   Friends were unloading their bikes as I rolled up.   It was funny needing a hand to unclip from my left pedal as my still swollen ankle didn’t like the release motion.   I promptly dialed down the tension with my Allen wrench so that would no longer be an issue.

Our group of 10 decided to ride clockwise around Lake Washington.  My ankle felt better cycling than it had all week.  I decided to ride with my friends until the next regrouping point at Seward Park. As we rode up the western side of  the lake, I was amazed by the number of cyclists taking full advantage of the beautiful day.  Many groups looked to be training groups lead by Cascade Bicycle Club leaders.  Other groups were local racing teams.   Still feeling well, I thought I’d at least ride to the next regroup at Leschi before turning back.

Riding along Lake Washington Blvd was simply beautiful.  I periodically turned the camera back on to capture some of these moments on the bike.  The lake looked very inviting.  It looked to be a good day for sailing also.  The sun felt great on the bare arms and legs.  It was the first time this year for me in shorts and no sleeves.  After a quick stop in Leschi, we all continued on.

The downhill ride through the Arboretum was exhilarating.  Just after that, it was fun negotiating by the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium to get to the Burke Gilman Trail.  I never saw the section of trail closed down due to construction.  When we reached Bothell, there was no turning around for me as we had reached the north end of the lake anyway.

Continuing down the east side of the lake, we were tested by a few hills.  Using up the rest of my food and water, stopping for lunch in Kirkland was a great idea.   Sitting outside, we ate sandwiches in the sun and shared stories.  After topping off my water bottle, we rode down through Bellevue and back to Renton.

After saying our goodbyes, I headed further south solo.  Reflecting on the group ride, I probably wouldn’t have ridden that far by myself since I was still rehabbing my ankle.  In fact, I probably pushed it too far too early, but it was a great fun at the time.   It’s easy for my enthusiasm to carry me away doing what I love.

I was making good time down the Interurban trail when “Bam!” my chain broke.  Luckily, I was seated when it happened.  My day of riding was done at 76 miles.  I was only 4 miles from the house too.  Note to self – next time bring a chain tool.

Written on April 27th, 2011 , Share the Ride

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    David Chase commented

    that was a great ride! I saw a speed limit sign posted 35mph, not for you though:) Nice cruiz and also great website, michelles work? Well looking forward to more postings and to ride with you…I just need to get a bike of my own

    David Chase

    May 8, 2011 at 5:37 am
    • avatar
      Ty Forsberg commented

      The helmet cam opens up a whole new world. Many viewers would like to see what riding’s like in the NW. I have many routes in mind – many beautiful, some quite exciting.
      I look forward to riding with you also.

      May 8, 2011 at 6:14 am

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