Today was the first day of fall.  Rainy weather is on it’s way soon enough, but today it was beautiful.  Full sun and high 70’s is a gift this time of year.  I couldn’t wait to ride down my hill and head up the road.

It had been a grand cycling summer.  With all the miles in my legs, I’m really feeling comfortable on the bike.  Hill climbing this year has been a focus plus developing more power for speed on the flats.  I’d been working on my aero positioning and having fun zipping around town like I was in a time trial.  My spinning  is smoother getting power into all 360 degrees of the pedal stroke and at a higher cadence.  Through all of this, I found it took less and less time to slip into the zone where mind, body, and bike are one.

I was up to speed on the Green River Road and my breathing was in rhythm with my spinning.  Maybe it was the smell of the fresh cut grass at the golf course on my right or just seeing the green rolling hills out of my periphery.  Maybe it was the humidity.  The sun was evaporating the morning dew, and I felt the moisture in my lungs.  I could taste it and feel it on my skin.   Maybe I just felt blessed to feel life at the fullest.  All of my senses seemed heightened.  Perhaps it was all of this as my body seemed to be on auto pilot, and I felt like I was flying low.  I had reached it – the state of flow where mind and body are one.  Pure bliss.  As I was stretching out that perfect moment in time, I slipped away.

I slipped away in my mind to an earlier time in my life.  A time when I lived in Florida in my early 20’s.  A simpler time without a care in the world.  A time when I would cover many miles on my bike breathing in the  sweet tropical air and riding by the many lush golf courses.  There was sunshine every day.

Just as I was visualizing some of my old bike routes, I came back.  I could feel the bars in my grip, but for a moment I wasn’t sure where I was but down a beautiful road on a perfect day.  Who knew that a bicycle could actually be, among other things, a time machine?

Written on September 24th, 2011 , Share the Ride

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    Susan commented

    Nice post, eloquently describing what happens when you have a perfect ride.

    February 5, 2012 at 5:22 am
    • avatar
      Ty Forsberg commented

      Well, thank you very much.

      February 5, 2012 at 7:01 am
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    Alice Malvin commented

    Hi Ty, I used to live in the Rainbow Bend apartment next door to yours in Florida back in the late 70’s. You popped into my head today and I decided to Google your name to see what your life is like these days. I ended up marrying your roommate Bob Appleby. Hope your life is full and happy. Drop me a line if you remember me.

    May 31, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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