Sharing a Beautiful Day

It could not have been a finer day to get a flat. Turning left off a Boeing access road to the Interurban Trail southbound, I was blinded by the setting sun. Scanning for bike traffic to merge smoothly, I didn’t see the new pot hole. I managed to hit it...Read More »

Farewell my friend

As I left on today’s ride, I thought to myself, “Fred, I know you’re busy with your new life, but come on let’s go for a ride. I have something to show you.” It was good to be out and feel life on the bike. I rode...Read More »

Cyclist rides into the state of flow and goes back in time

Today was the first day of fall.  Rainy weather is on it’s way soon enough, but today it was beautiful.  Full sun and high 70’s is a gift this time of year.  I couldn’t wait to ride down my hill and head up the road.

It had been a grand cycling...Read More »

Road to Paradise

Mt Rainier is the gem of the Northwest.  On a clear day with it’s glacier covered slopes, viewing the mountain is amazing.  With it’s summit rising high above the the foothills the majestic Mt Rainier stands tall at 14,410 ft.  The closer you get the more beautiful it is.  Sometimes...Read More »

Saturday’s Lake Washington ride April 23, 2011

With the day’s weather forecast, I couldn’t resist a ride.  It was my first time back on the bike since the ankle sprain at De Ronde Van Oeste Portlandia.  I was also excited about trying out this new helmet cam.  I reset my bike computer, pushed the camera’s on button, and off I went.

Descending down...Read More »

De Ronde Van Oeste Portlandia 2011

In honor of  Belgium’s legendary spring classic the Tour of Flanders , the tour of west Portland was born.  In a few short years, this exciting event has risen in popularity giving cyclists a taste of a real challenge.  With a varied terrain and hills steeper than most...Read More »

Written on September 30th, 2012

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avatar on Farewell my friend
3rd Dec 13
.... tnx for info!!...
avatarAlice Malvin on Cyclist rides into the state of flow and goes back in time
31st May 13
Hi Ty, I used to live in the Rainbow Bend apartment next door to yours in Florida back in the …
avatarpablovilas13 on Farewell my friend
15th Dec 12
Moving tribute.

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